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About the CENTRE

The Centre for Empowerment, iNnovation and Training on Renewable Energy (CENTRE) is a non-government organization that brings together renewable energy advocates, developers, producers, researchers and experts with the common goal of meeting the energy needs of everyone, most especially the poor and unserved communities, in a sustainable and democratic manner.

We envision a sustainable society where people and communities live in dignity, control their energy future, and enjoy access to reliable, affordable and clean energy. This future is attained through a transition that is just and democratic.

The CENTRE serves as a hub for technology, social innovation, policy studies, advocacy, and community empowerment with a view of achieving 100 percent renewable energy in the Philippines towards a meaningful social and ecological transformation in the country.

The CENTRE is composed of multi-stakeholders - civil society organization, labor unions, academic and research institutions, private RE industry developers and producers, electric cooperatives, social impact investors, social enterprises and energy practitioners or experts - engaged in the exploration, development, research, production, and use of RE, and who subscribe to the same vision, mission, and principles of the CENTRE. Members commit to contribute to the realization of the goals and mission of the CENTRE, either financially or in-kind.

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